Social Media Grew My Dental Business In Fort Lauderdale

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This entry was posted in Dental Marketing and tagged , , on April 22, 2013 by Robert B Stanton

The purpose of integrating Social Media in your marketing plan is to get current patients more involved while introducing your business to new potential patients.

More people are now searching for services and products on the web.  Social media tools offer them a simple way of finding what they are looking for. Promoting your business through social media will ensure you reach out to people. And while anyone can be seen, capturing a potential patient’s attention is the challenging part.  How can you do this?


Offer In-House Service Specials- Offering in house specials through social media not only reaches out to your current customers but also to their friends who may be searching for that “ special offer” to get them in the door, giving them the opportunity to find the right treatment they need.

Make Patients Feel Important – Let your patients know you care by keeping in touch, not just reminding them that their cleaning appointment is coming up.  Keep up with their birthdays and interact with them through social media. A simple “Hope all is well” shows your  patient’s that you care. Create a relaxed fun atmosphere to interact in. This will encourage them to come back and recommend you to others.


(Ex: A very Happy Birthday to our patient Kristen Doe!! Have an amazing and wonderful day!!)

(Ex: Hello John Doe, thank you for liking our page.  We will keep you updated with any information and specials our office is running.)


(Ex: Thank you to Sarah Doe for the gift basket filled with wonderful treats for the office.)


Up-to-date information on Dental Procedures and Technologies-

When introducing a new service or piece of equipment to your clinic, provide your patients explanations that are easy to understand and highlight the benefits. This can be done in two ways. 1-Post the introduction of a new service and give a short explanation of its benefits 2- Post the new service on your social media with a link to a page on your website with a thorough detailed explanation of the service and how they can contact the office to get answers to any other questions they may have.  Keep in mind that this is also a great way to drive traffic to the blog on your website.

(Ex:  Afraid of traditional Metal Braces? Try Invisalign and discover the benefits of this easy procedure. Please see our link for more information Invisalign Fort Lauderdale)

Questions with Prizes-   People on social media love to answer quick questions and win free stuff.  Ask a question that is hard enough that people are going to have to think yet at the same time easy enough to answer. Find incentives and gifts that are appealing to your audience.

(Ex: First Person Who Answers Correctly wins a Starbucks Gift Card:  What percentage of Fort Lauderdale dentists prefer Invisalign over braces?  56% – 92% – 89% – 76%)
This is an inexpensive way to create engagement and call to action.
Entertaining and Emotional Images:

stantonftlauderdalePictures say more than 1000 words.  Select photos and images that relate to relative topics and catch the attention of readers. Combine these with a short,but powerful title that will spark interest when they are scrolling through their social media.Be part of your community- Engage with your followers by speaking about news and stories that occur in your area. Show that you are part of the community and people will be more confortable with your service.  Reach out to them by engaging in discussions and events happening in the community.

(Ex: The Miami Heat plays tonight at 7pm, don’t miss out!!  How will the team do in Playoffs? GO HEAT!!!)

The finality of utilizing Social Media tools is to take your dentistry business to the next level.  Create an atmosphere that customers want to interact with and invite their friends and family.  Know your customers.  Don’t treat them as if they are a number. Treat them like they have been coming to you their whole lives.  This is what will make the difference between you and the dentist down the street.  When patients feel like they can trust you, talk to you about anything, and realize you know them not only as a patient but as a friend, money and location will not be a factor.