Dental Crowns - Case 2

So looking at big cosmetic makeovers is nice but what if finances are limited and a patient just wants to improve their smile for, let’s say, their daughter’s wedding with what little funds they have available?  That was the case with this European transplant that now lives in Fort Lauderdale.  She obviously needs her entire mouth rehabilitated and she is committed to doing that but the first priority was improving her smile for her daughter’s wedding so we agreed to do that stage first.  Some dentists will draw a line in the sand and present an “all-or-nothing” option.  As long as we know we can provide a durable functionally stable result, we will do what we can to address the patient’s chief complaint.  This case was completed with porcelain crowns fabricated by the CEREC from Sirona system using EmpressCAD material from Ivoclar Vivedent.

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