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Dental Crowns - Case 3

This patient lives full time in London.  She works for a company that has an office in Fort Lauderdale and was in town working for a week. She broke a front tooth on a Monday and came in to have it fixed.  She reported that her from teeth chipping was a constant problem and that back in England, she was constantly going to the dentist to have them “patched up”.  We explained to her that the reason for this was that her front teeth were being repaired with resin bonded composite or “bonding” and that the ratio of bonding to remaining healthy tooth structure was very unfavorable.  We discussed that the proper treatment should be porcelain crowns.  She was concerned that she was only in town for four more days and she knew that it took “several weeks to have that kind of work done”.  Not when you’re got tech, it doesn’t.  We saw her a few days later when we could schedule the proper amount of time, approximately three and a half hours in this case.  We designed and fabricated four ceramic crowns using the CEREC by Sirona system and EmpressCAD from Ivoclar Vivedent.  She left for England the next day and emailed us that she had no post operative issues.  She even left us a nice Facebook message a month or so later.

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