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Dental Crowns - Case 5

This patient presented to us with a chief complaint of “I finally want to fix my teeth”.  His daughter had just graduated dental school at Nova and told her dad that Dr. Stanton was the only dentist he should go to based on her experience with him as an instructor at Nova.  After careful examination, we determined that the patient was a heavy bruxer or grinder and had worn his entire dentition down.  When someone’s bite is collapsed, the only way to properly treat it is to rehabilitate back to its proper height which can only be done with normal sized which can only be accomplished by crowning every remaining tooth.  This is know as a Full Mouth Rehabilitation.  We performed this FMR in three visits, one for the back teeth, the second for the upper front and the last for the lower front.  A typical FMR normally takes more than ten visits over a several month span.  We used the CEREC system (Sirona Denal System) to fabricate them out of Emax (Ivoclar Vivedent) in a B1 shade with custom characterization.

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