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Dental Crowns - Case 6

This is a very interesting case and would spark lots of debate between dental professionals but in the end, teaches us a good lesson.  This patient presented to us with the chief complaint of “I want a prettier smile and all I’ve ever been told was that I need my jaw broken, wired shut and then a few years of braces.” After careful examination, we determined that orthognathic or jaw surgery followed by orthodontics would be the ideal course of treatment to not only correct the bite but also the patient’s skeletal profile.  However, the patient strongly declined this option for several reasons.  She was already in her 50’s and did not want to invest two to three years in her treatment.  Her skeletal profile did not bother her, just her smile which brings us to the final reason.  Even after going through surgery and ortho, her teeth themselves would still need to be enhanced to make them white and pretty.  We knew we could do it another way.  Through a careful diagnostic wax up process in which we design the changes we are going to make ahead of time, we determined that we could make a significant cosmetic change while correcting her bite in the process.  We executed her case in two six hour visits, one for each arch.  We used the CEREC system (Sirona Denal Systems) to design and fabricate her case from IPS EmpressCAD (Ivoclar Vivedent) in a shade of A1 with custom characterization.

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