Porcelain Veneers - Case 11

This patient presented with a chief compliant of “My teeth are too short, small and dark.”  Upon examination, we determined that the patient had lost lots of enamel from bruxism (clenching or grinding).  Lots of dentists will not do veneers on patients that brux but if the patient’s bite is corrected properly and damage from future bruxing prevented through the use of a night guard, veneers are a good option.  We performed twenty veneers on this patient in two half-day sessions.  We used the CEREC system (Sirona Dental Systems) to fabricate the veneers out of Empress CAD (Ivoclar Vivedent) and made the nigh guard the same day as well in the office from INTERRA in a design that covers only the upper front four teeth so it is very comfortable and not too intrusive to sleep with thereby improving compliance.  After all, it only works if the patient wears it.

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