Porcelain Veneers - Case 2

This patient is a firefighter who lives and works in Fort Lauderdale.  His chief complaint was “I am getting married soon and I really want to improve my smile. These bondings keep chipping.”  So this patient had traumatized his front teeth at a young age and they were fixed with bonding which is short for resin bonded composite or RBC.  Now, RBC’s are very useful in dentistry when used in the proper indication.  However, refacing the entire front of a front tooth is not really a proper long-term indication for several reasons that we will not cover here.  So, after a lengthy consultation we decided to perform a whitening treatment and then four porcelain veneers to match the new whitened shade.  The veneers were made from EmpressCAD fro Ivoclar Vivedent and as you can see from the pictures, it is practically impossible to discern which four teeth are porcelain.  The patient was very happy with this result and so was his bride who is also our patient.

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