Porcelain Veneers - Case 3

This case is not what it appears to be at first glance.  You can see that obviously this patient walked in with veneers on her top teeth and then got veneers on her top and bottom teeth but if you look closely you will see more.  This patient is a business owner originally from Atlanta but now lives in Florida.  Her career was really taking off and she was about to start appearing on different television programs and was very self-conscious about her teeth.  You might be able to see that when she started with us, she was missing a tooth on either side.  It was important to replace these with implants to stabilize her bite.  Furthermore, her overall bite needed to be corrected.  Her upper front teeth were way in front of her lower front teeth.  Most people would refer to this as an overbite but it is actually called an over jet.  She had worn braces THREE times to try to correct this and was unsuccessful.  The larger upper arch demanded larger veneers which is why her upper veneers are oversized and way too prominent.  We told her it could be corrected with Invisalign by Align technologies.  So her treatment consisted of placing two dental implants, then less than a year of Invisalign and finally replacing the upper porcelain veneers and placing porcelain veneers on the bottom.  Once the position of her teeth was corrected, the veneers could be redone to the correct size and proportion.  The porcelain veneers and the porcelain crowns on her dental implants were all designed and fabricated using the CEREC by Sirona system.  The before picture is purposely taken with indirect light to show how prominent the over jet was.  Notice how the bite and cosmetic concerns are all corrected.  This was patient was very happy with the result.

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