Porcelain Veneers - Case 4

This patient had been a patient in our practice for several years.  He had veneers done many years ago and had a very poor experience getting them because he said that the temporaries that he had to wear for 3 weeks kept coming off and he was constantly missing work to go in to the office and have them put back on until the permanent veneers came in. Then one by one, they started to fall off or break.  So, he had a prior dentist in Fort Lauderdale patch them up because he was so averse to have them done again and go through the nightmare of temporaries.  When we told him we now had new technology that allowed us to do the veneers in one visit with no temporaries, he was very excited and so were we to venture into this new technique together.  We took all of the old bonding and broken veneers off, designed and fabricated new porcelain veneers with the CEREC by Sirona system using EmpressCAD by Ivolar vivedent and bonded them on his teeth the same morning.  We were all very happy with this result and we are happy to report that since this case was done in 2007, not a single veneer has chipped or come off due to the superior strength of CAD materials and superior bond strength of same-day dentistry.

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