Porcelain Veneers - Case 5

This was an interesting and alarming case.  This patient was a 16 year old girl whose mother had been patient in the practice since its inception.  The family lived in Pompano beach so the daughter was treated by an orthodontist in that area but did not see a general dentist.  As you can see from the before pictures, a tragic result ensued.  Not only is her bite far from correct but the supervision of her hygiene while wearing braces was so poor that cavities started and grew around her orthodontic brackets without any intervention.  The orthodontist removed the brackets and sent her home with her bite incorrect and large cavities on her front teeth.  Both mother and daughter were fatigued by what happened and did not want to start orthodontic treatment again although they did acknowledge that at some point, they should continue her ortho with another provider to correct her bite.  But their priority now was to manage the cavities that had grown.  To correct these cavities with resin bonded composites would be a violation of the parameters of the material meaning that RBC is not designed to replace such large portions of teeth and thus, will not function predictably.  So, we decided on porcelain laminates.  We fabricated 6 porcelain veneers from VitaForte by Vident using the E4D by D4D technologies system.  One of the benefits of CADCAM restorations are their superior material strength and bond strength so a patient with a less-than-ideal bite can have the confidence that they will not chip or fall off.

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