Porcelain Veneers - Case 6

This patient contacted us early on a Saturday morning with a chief complaint of “I fell at a concert last night and landed on black plastic chair face first.  I went to the emergency room and they just gave me pain medication.”  We met her at the office Saturday morning and determined that she had traumatized her upper anterior teeth and alveolus (the bone that holds those teeth in).  There was actually a small fracture in the bone and the teeth were loose and some had been relocated.  We manually relocated the teeth back to where they belong, reset her alveolus and then stabilized everything with a surgical splint.  There is no pre operative picture of her smile because her like were too traumatized to smile at all as her upper front teeth had gone through her lip.  We waited the appropriate time for all the healing to take place and then we performed a few root canals on the teeth that needed them and then fabricated a combination of crowns and veneers out of Empress CAD from Ivoclar Vivedent using the CEREC system from Sirona.  The second appointment took approximately four total hours to take her from the surgical splint to the finished four units.

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