Porcelain Veneers - Case 9

This case is  great example of the difference between composite or “bonding” and ceramic.  When patients ask us to repair a tooth with bonding and expect it to look very natural and undetectable, we have to explain the difference in the physical properties of the material that make this expectation unrealistic.  This patient was a patient of ours first, then left the practice to have some posterior teeth by another dentist in town that they had heard good things about from a friend, then returned back to us for the front teeth after being less than satisfied with the work that was done in the back. Her chief complaint was “I want to replace all the bonding with porcelain and make them much whiter”.  We designed and fabricated twenty porcelain veneers using the CEREC system (Sirona Dental Systems) out of IPS EmpressCAD (Ivoclar Vivedent) in a BL3 shade which is just off the natural shade guide and on the bleaching shade guide.

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