Dentures - Case 1

This patient ended up being one of our favorites.  She had stayed away from the dentist for 20 years due to extreme dental phobia and also fear of the huge cost that she was sure her rehabilitation was going to demand.  She consulted with a few other dentists in fort lauderdale but decided we were the right place for her.  She knew she could not afford dental implants but was dead set against having any “metal arms” showing, which a conventional removable partial denture would require.  We discussed a metal free flexipartial to replace her missing back teeth and a porcelain fused to metal bridge to both rehabilitate and replace her front teeth.  The flexipartial has clear arms and a pink base so as to blend in much better than a conventional partial denture.  Furthermore because of its elasticity, they are much more comfortable than conventional removable partial dentures.  The patient cried when she saw this result.  It was well within her budget and she felt very little discomfort throughout the entire process.

Case 1