Performance/Contact Sports

 In today’s world of athletics it is more important than ever to make sure that as an athlete, you are using every possible resource to not only protect yourself from possible injury, but also to maximize your performance.  Dr. Stanton has studies several different principles regarding the use of different types and designs of athletic mouthguards to not only decrease the risk of head trauma, loss of consciousness and other injuries but also to increase performance.  The first guard we will highlight is the jawzz Polyshok guard.


PolyShoK™ Polymer Technology

Is a proprietary blend of plastic designed specifically for athletic mouthguards. It has the unique properties of being able to form to the mouth at low temperatures.

The result is a soft, comfortable mouthguard that absorbs more destructive force than other athletic mouthguards by transmitting less force to the teeth, jaw and brain.

PolyShoK™ has been A.S.T.M. (American Standards in Testing and Measurements) tested to be over 150% more shock absorbent than leading traditional mouthguard (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) materials. These results are reproducible in any A.S.T.M. certified lab in the country.

Total Energy Absorption As high-impact polymer, PolyShok™

Provides more shock absorption than any other comparable material in use today. 85% more energy absorbency than our leading competitor.

Over 150% more energy absorbency that ethylvinyl aceate (EVA).

*Depending on your color combinations that are chosen, Polyshok may not be used

For those seeking more of a performance advantage, a different type of guard has been designed by a group of dentists and researchers that focuses not only on protection from contact but mainly on performance enhancment.  This technology has been adopted and furthered by Under Armour, the makers of fitness apparel and equipment.


 Bite Tech, Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology company dedicated to improving performance and health, has partnered with Under Armour to release its latest product innovation: performance mouthwear.

Powered by ArmourBite™, Bite Tech’s patented technology, Under Armour Performance Mouthwear is an innovative new line of custom mouthpieces and mouthguards designed to improve athletic performance. UA Performance Mouthwear can help any athlete improve strength, endurance and reaction time, reduce athletic stress, and with the mouthguard, reduce impact from blows to the jaw.

“Throughout history, soldiers, warriors and athletes realized that by preventing their teeth from clenching together with a leather strap or bullet, they were able to gain the edge they needed to get through, or even excel at strenuous or punishing activities,” said Jon Kittelsen, Bite Tech’s founder and maverick entrepreneur. “Our technology brings this ancient concept to today’s athletes with a comfortable, safe product from Under Armour.”

More than 25 years ago, Kittelsen revolutionized the mouthguard marketplace by introducing the concept of marketing and brand-building to the category. He founded EZ Gard Industries and launched Shock Doctor, currently the world’s leading manufacturer of mouthguards for retail distribution. Kittelsen’s name appears on almost 50 patents in mouthguard technology and other oral appliances.

Hundreds of professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes have been using Bite Tech’s performance mouthwear products for years. And a roster of current and former athletes such as Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian and Bobby Wade, New York Ranger Marian Gaborik, and retired sports legends Brett Hull and Raghib “Rocket” Ismail are among the athletes who have invested in Bite Tech’s business. Other notable athletes who do not have endorsement deals with Under Armour but do with UA competitors’ include Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez just to name a few in baseball alone.  They use the product because it works.

Bite Tech has conducted years of independent studies at some of the nation’s top universities and research centers, including The Citadel and IMG Academies, which have proven the science behind the ArmourBite™ Technology found in UA Performance Mouthwear.

“Under Armour is the perfect partner because we share their mission of using innovation to make all athletes better,” said Bob Molhoek, CEO of Bite Tech. “We’re thrilled to launch this technology under one of the most popular brands in sports.”  The guards can be made to cover the full upper arch of teeth for contact sports or just the lower back for non contact sports like golf or tennis.