Dental Botox

Relaxed Beautiful Skin Enhances a Beautiful Smile

Stanton Smiles offers comprehensive dental care for his patients in Fort Lauderdale. Dental Botox is a natural extension of his cosmetic dentistry services, as he is very practiced and proficient administering facial injections. You can count on Dr. Stanton’s gentle nature, great listening skills and that the entire team at Stanton Smiles desire to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Robert B. Stanton actually became certified in Botox and dermal fillers after numerous requests by his current dental patients that wanted the same painless dental injections on their face as well.

Botox® is applauded for its effective wrinkle relaxing qualities that take years off your face. Looking your most vibrant is possible through a beautiful, polished smile as well as skin that is relaxed and youthful. Consider the possibilities our Fort Lauderdale Dental Botox and cosmetic dentistry offers you – and schedule your consultation today!