Straighten Your Teeth with an Inman Aligner

Orthodontic care by Dr. Robert Stanton can give you a brand new smile. Stanton Dental Excellence provides several alternatives for non-traditional orthodontics.

In addition to Invisalign, our Dr. Stanton also uses The Inman Aligner. Unlike Invisalign, which consists of a series of aligners that are replaced every two weeks, The Inman Aligner is a single removable appliance which only needs occasional adjustment.

The Inman Aligner is a custom fitted orthodontic appliance designed to efficiently straighten your front teeth, while still being comfortable to wear. With our Fort Lauderdale DMD, Dr. Stanton, and The Inman Aligner, you can achieve the beautiful smile you have been dreaming of.

The benefit of using The Inman Aligner, as opposed to traditional orthodontics, is that it can be more effective in certain types of tooth movements, quicker than Invisalign and even a more cost-effective dental solution. It is also much less noticeable than traditional braces.

Removable dental appliances such as The Inman Aligner and Invisalign can treat approximately 80% of orthodontic cases. Contact us today to find out more about non-traditional forms of orthodontics, like The Inman Aligner and Invisalign. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Short Term Orthodontics

What is meant by the term short term orthodontics? Also the PowerProx Six Month Braces Technique or Six Month Smiles, short term ortho is just that! Well, most people who have teeth that are either crooked, crowded, spaced or rotated assume that they will have to wear braces for two years and it will cost at least $5000.  While comprehensive or full mouth ortho is needed is some cases, most people do not realize that the vast majority of the time, their smile can be corrected in a much shorter period of time at a much lower cost.  This is done through the use of Nitanium wires.  Most patients are familiar with stainless steel wires, round grey wires that are bent by the dentist or orthodontist and then placed in the brackets.  The bends in the wires apply force to the brackets and move the teeth.  Nitanium works much differently.  This material actually has shape memory, meaning that no matter what shape it is bent into, it will gently reshape itself back into proper form.  Because of this quality, nitanium will gently move many teeth at once back into an ideal position. 

Using Nitanium wires along with other techniques, Dr. Stanton is able to straighten severe cases of crowding and spacing in sometimes as little as three months with an average cases taking six months.  For a few examples, check out our photo Gallery.

And best of all, the brackets and wires white! No need to feel anxious about having a metal mouth. Call us for a consult today to discuss our use of PowerProx Six Month Braces technique or Six Month Smiles!