Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Can Be Treated at Stanton Smiles

Sleep Apnea Treatment by Dr. Robert Stanton gives you a safe, easy solution to getting a restful night of sleep. Sleep apnea is a condition in which soft tissues of the mouth and throat constrict breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea has been strongly connected to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, impaired immune function, snoring, fatigue and lack of quality sleep.

Some available treatments for sleep apnea include the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine which is a bed-side device that forces oxygen into the airway. It is somewhat effective, however there can be obvious complications with having to depend on a large piece of equipment near the bedside, and having a face mask strapped to the face every night. More invasive treatments include surgical augmentation of the soft palette or the adenoids.

Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment with Dentistry

Since sleep apnea is caused by the obstruction of the airway by soft tissues in the mouth and throat, Dr. Stanton has found that the most effective way of treating sleep apnea is to open the airway. This can be done by making a small tooth-mounted device that holds the lower jaw slightly forward, allowing more room for the soft tissues and thus, opening the airway. Our patients find this appliance to be very comfortable, practical, convenient and cost-effective when compared with other options.

Sleep apnea devices have to be not only custom-fitted to each individual, but also positioned to a very specific point at which the sleep apnea is treated. His expertise also ensures that there are no other side effects to the jaw joint, jaw muscles, and teeth. If this position is not exactly calculated by a well-trained and experienced, the sleep apnea could be treated to the detriment of other important anatomical structures of the jaw, such as the TMJ, muscles and teeth.

With the use of the sleep apnea appliance, our patients have experienced fewer symptoms, improved health, and reduced or eliminated snoring. They have been able to receive the benefits of the other, more invasive, treatment options with reduced risk and expense. Getting a restful nights sleep should not be difficult. Sleep apnea treatment by a caring and committed such as Dr. Stanton’s Fort Lauderdale based team, who will have you sleeping peacefully through the night and waking up feeling refreshed with a smile on your face!