TMJ Treatment

TMJD-Causes and Symptoms

Misalignment of the Bite Can Cause Many Dental Issues

TMJD or temporomandibular joint disorder can be caused by a malocclusion or misalignment in the bite or a clenching or grinding habit. This can cause pain or discomfort in the jaw, face, neck and shoulders. TMJ dentists recognize it can also be the cause of many dental issues, such as:

  • broken crowns and fillings
  • cracked teeth
  • tooth sensitivity
  • gingival recession
  • tooth wear
  • periodontal attachment loss

Having any TMJ issues treated by an experienced dentist, before doing any restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures, is very important to ensure that your dental work is protected and will last.

TMJ Treatment by Dr. Robert B. Stanton can give you a day free from pain… and a night of restful, relaxing sleep. Many people don’t realize that the debilitating effects that come from a misaligned bite like dizziness, pain, or headaches are completely and easily reversible.

“It’s gratifying to be able to give someone relief from the chronic pain that they’ve been suffering for such a long time. Many times it’s usually only after they’ve attempted many times to find relief by other means.” -Dr. Robert B, Stanton, DMD

Optimum Dentistry: Fast, Superlative Results

Dr. Stanton received specialized training for the effective treatment of TMJ at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Nova southeastern School of Dental Medicine, and the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. A TMJD-trained dentist is taught how to treat his patients as individuals by listening carefully and answering questions effectively, and also how to do complete examinations to ensure correct treatment. This Optimum Dentistry approach means you’ll be able to receive excellent results with the least amount of treatment.

At Stanton Smiles we’ve had very good results with our patients using a dental articulator and progressive splint therapy. We have found it to be the most reliable and successful way to treat TMJD. A dental articulator is a mechanical device representing the temporomandibular joints and the jaw bones. Progressive splint therapy involves slowly and safely resetting a misaligned jaw position into the natural, comfortable jaw position by means of progressive, prosthetic appliances or splints.

By wearing these clear and comfortable splints, many of our patients have experienced immediate relief from their pain with progressive improvement over the course of their treatment. Restoring a healthy dental environment for your teeth will protect them and ensure your beautiful, pain free smile for a lifetime!