Esthetic dental crowns

There are many different types of materials that we can use when a patient needs to have a dental crown placed, and in our Ft. Lauderdale office, Dr. Stanton relies on esthetic, all-ceramic crowns for his patients.

Ceramic crowns are lifelike and have coloring and light reflecting properties that more resemble natural teeth. Add these esthetic properties of ceramics with the color matching advantage of Dr. Stanton’s same-day dentistry approach, and you have a restoration you can be truly confident in and show off your smile to family and friends. Plus, because the crowns are all-ceramic and have no metal, you will never see “black lines” around the edges like you would in an older-style Porcelain-Fused to Metal (PFM Crown).

Strength of ceramics

Dr. Stanton takes the advantages of dental ceramics a step further with his use of the CEREC milling system for dental crowns and veneers. The CEREC system provides the strength and esthetics of ceramics and lets us create a crown for you start-to-finish in a single appointment; gone are the days of messy dental impressions and temporary crowns!

Color Matching

One of the disadvantages of PFM crowns is that because they are built upon a layer of metal and don’t reflect light very well, they are not the ideal solution for crowns in highly esthetic areas such as the front of the mouth. Because there is no metal foundation in a ceramic crown, color matching of ceramic crowns to your existing teeth is much better than in traditional PFM crowns. You can see examples on Dr. Stanton’s actual patients in our crowns gallery