Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are one of those evolutionary leftovers like the appendix or the tailbone that don't really "fit" or serve a real function in most people. Unfortunately in most people when the wisdom teeth start to erupt in late adolescence, they often times either erupt crooked or erupt into a space that is too small to properly house them. They then only serve to damage the teeth in front of them, cause pain and increase the chance of infection. So we see that most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point between adolescence and adulthood.


We often times hear patients recount stories of friends or family members who had their wisdom teeth removed and the doctor either had a "knee in their chest" or the recovery was long and painful. Experience and training are crucial to procedures like these. The right surgeon with the right amount of experience and training can take a complex third molar extraction that would take one doctor an hour and require surgical incisions and get it done in under ten minutes with no incision. Think about the difference in postoperative pain and recovery with the second doctor who gets it done so much quicker and easier.


We have a board-certified surgeon on staff to perform wisdom tooth extractions from simple to complex impacted bony teeth. We can perform these procedures either with local anesthesia only or with one of a different number of sedation options. We also offer a complimentary panoramic x-ray to patients undergoing treatment. Our surgeon has performed thousands of complicated third molar extractions and focuses on performing these procedures as quickly, technically sound and non-traumatically as possible.