Two surprising questions that we get often are:

  1. Are you accepting new patients? and
  2. Do you guys do cleanings and fillings?

First of all, we have systems in place to handle a very high volume of dentistry in a smooth efficient manner so we are always and will always accept new patients as we always modify systems accordingly. Second, while we do perform more cosmetic and complex full mouth type cases than any other practice in the area, we have not and will not ever limit or focus our practice down to these large cases only. We have lots of patients come to our practice for their routine care, some of whom never need any dental work other than regular hygiene periodically.

Understanding General Dentistry

We do not place silver amalgam fillings. They have been banned by several countries already due to the toxicity involved in the placement of new fillings. Also because they do not bond to tooth structure, they require the tooth to be drilled more than necessary which weakens the tooth over time. We use resin bonded composite fillings which are shade matched to the tooth and chemically bonded. Because of this technique we only have to remove the decayed tooth structure and nothing additional. We also use the highest rated bonding systems and composites to ensure zero post-operative sensitivity and durability. We have also developed a technique which allows us to do an entire quadrant of fillings in under a half hour, a volume of work which would take the average offices hours.