Full-grown adults usually have 32 teeth. Four each of the lower and upper jaws, eight incisors in the middle, four canines, eight premolars between the canines and molars, eight molars, and four wisdom teeth. At the age of 13, all other permanent teeth erupt except the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth typically erupt by age 18. Aging is a natural process that affects oral health to a certain degree. Other factors such as oral hygiene, diet, and genetic disposition affect the long-term health of your teeth and gums. As you grow older, you might need some types of dental procedures and the help of the best cosmetic dentist 33308 to deal with cosmetic dentistry problems.

Uneven, Crooked, or Overlapping Teeth

This is quite common among children who are transitioning from having milk teeth to permanent teeth. The presence of milk teeth while the permanent teeth are erupting cause the misdirection or crooked growth of the permanent teeth. In most cases, the milk teeth fall off naturally but there are cases where they may impede the eruption of the permanent teeth. The best solution is to fit dental braces to guide the cosmetic contouring of the teeth.

Teeth Discoloration

Common to those who smoke and regularly consumes coffee and wine. The discoloration may range from grayish to yellowish stains that cannot be removed through brushing alone. A cosmetic dentist may recommend bleaching or other abrasive approaches such as abrasive bleaching or ultraviolet light bleaching to break down the molecular bonds of the stains.

Tooth Decay

Diets and beverages that are high in sugar should be avoided to keep tooth decay from developing. Gargling with alcohol-free mouthwash, flossing, and brushing are also necessary to maintain dental health. If the level of decay is worse, your teeth may need to be removed and your dentist might suggest for dental prosthesis, implants, and veneers to replace missing teeth after extraction.

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