Over the last 30 years, aesthetic dentistry has been widely popular especially when it comes to teeth whitening technology and minimally invasive dental veneers. Giving people a healthy and beautiful smile is not only limited to having their teeth straightened and whitened. The peri-oral areas of the mouth should also be considered to achieve a beautiful smile. Give time in considering the oral-systemic connection to the aesthetic and facial pain areas of the face in which dentists are more familiar than any professional healthcare provider. The application of Botox and fillers Fort Lauderdale to improve the surrounding areas of the face (even the gummy smile), will make aesthetic dentistry more effective.

Dentists and the Application of Dermal Fillers and Botox

Dentists have a distinct advantage over medical estheticians, dermatologists, nurses, and plastic surgeons who commonly provide Botox and dermal fillers to their clients/patients because they can deliver profound anesthesia in the peri-oral areas before accomplishing the procedures. Even for dental implants, Botox and dermal fillers can maximize the cosmetic outcome of the procedure. Restoring facial volume can be as critical as the dental restoration itself. Missing teeth can make you lose facial volume, making the cheeks become hollow, and makes the lower part of the face to collapse. The application of Botox and dermal filler agents will restore lost facial volume and improves the patient’s appearance. The soft tissue surrounding the mouth are as important as beautifully restored teeth.

How Older Dental Patients Can Benefit from Dental Fillers and Botox

For dental implant patients with facial aging, the wrinkles appear around the lips and the corners of the mouth begin to turn down. Dentists will use Botox to relax affected muscles, to lift the mouth corners and smoothen wrinkles for a satisfying outcome. It will take about two weeks for Botox to show full results and the effects will last about three to four months.

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