Cases of missing teeth are not always due to tooth decay, injuries, or gum disease. There are congenital conditions that compromise the growth or development of permanent teeth. Congenitally missing teeth are teeth that never appear or developed during childhood. In many cases, missing one or two teeth is simply a family trait but there are occasions where a separate genetic condition is to blame. For patients with congenitally missing teeth, the dentist will suggest tooth replacement options such as dentures, bridges, or dental implants Lake 33308.

Causes of Congenitally Missing Teeth

When a genetic condition causes the missing teeth, there would be more than two missing teeth and the existing teeth can be malformed. Most congenitally missing teeth are passed down through families. Other genetic conditions that cause missing teeth are oral cleft and lip palate and Down Syndrome.

Anomalies of Human Dentition That Results to Missing Teeth

  • Hypodontia – Also a genetic disorder and congenital absence of primary or secondary teeth. It also specifically describes the absence of one to six teeth excluding third molars. The prevalence of hypodontia is 2 to 8% of the general population.
  • Oligodontia – Also a genetic disorder that refers to the absence of more than six teeth excluding third molars. The prevalence of this condition is 0.09%. to 0.3%.
  • Anodontia – This is a genetic disorder that represents the loss of all teeth. The prevalence of this genetic disorder is unknown and affects males and females in equal numbers.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A dental X-ray confirms that your tooth and teeth are completely absent and not just stuck in your gums. Other signs might be associated such as peg-shaped lateral incisors, smaller teeth, taurodontic molars, spaced dentition, and conical teeth. Your dentist may suggest replacing missing teeth with dentures (full or partial), bridges, or dental implants depending on the severity of your case.

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